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Stolen Bike at Prudential Ride London Freecycle

Discussion in 'Stolen Bikes' started by ianrauk, 3 Aug 2017.

  1. Liz Su

    Liz Su Über Member

    I've had a decent bike stolen and I know how bad it is.
    I think the best thing to do is not to waste time thinking about getting it back, you most likely wont ,or about how much of a horrible person the theif is.Your wasting your time, its best just to make a claim on the insurance if you had it or make steps towards the purchase of a new (to you) one.Just move on straight away, thats what I would do if it was me.
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  2. Smeggers II

    Smeggers II Legendary Member

  3. RoubaixCube

    RoubaixCube ~Tribanese~

    London, UK
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  4. Stealing bikes from organised events has been popular for a long time. They even turn up in full lycra to blend in.

    3 TCR bikes have been stolen this year while the riders have been making their way home with their bikes.