Stolen Specialized Globe Vienna - London, Old Street


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Hi all, never thought that my first post on CC would be to report that the "usual good fellas :evil:" have stolen on the night between the 26th and 27th of April 2010 my bicycle:

Make: Specialized
Model:Globe Vienna
Colour: grey
Frame: 57cm
Frame number: WUD80835490D
Saddle: Specialized Recreational Saddle
Tires: Front and rear tires and rims are different as I changed the rear ones
Area: Old Street
City: London

I had an ordinary Kryptonite U-lock.

Obviously it was reported to the police and there were almost 4 CCTV keeping an eye on my bike. I'm checking Gumtree and eBay constantly. Any other suggestions?



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Brick Lane?


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There appears to be number of 'suspect' London sellers on gumtree and ebay so it's worth keeping an eye open. Otherwise I wouldn't hold your breath! A bike is stolen every 71 seconds in the UK and almost none are ever recovered.
You don't need to check ebay constantly - it can do it for you. Set up an alert for your bike and tell ebay to email you as soon as a new listing matches. I think some theives must steal a whole lot, wait until the trail cools, and then post them all very very quickly.
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