Strange comment by the Police

Why? Unless the Lambo pulled into the van driver's safety gap then suddenly stopped before the gap was re-established. The van driver should be leaving enough of a gap to be able to stop no matter what happens with the vehicle in front, brake lights or no brake lights. However, back in the real world, as we all know, leave a proper gap and it's just going to get repeatedly filled by lane jumpers.
This, this, a 1000 x this. ^^^

It’s one of life’s constant disappointments that all motorists don’t hold this view. Accidents would only ever involve two vehicles at the most and traffic jams caused by the concertina effect would cease to exist.

It’s just simple logic and there is really no justification for holding an alternative view.

I think the van driver can be excused
Go and stand in the corner. :laugh:


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I would start to create my braking space before the person overtaking pulled back in front of me, not before they had passed level with me though.


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Its a bit frightening coming across a stationery object in the fast lane at 70mph. It happened to me on a dark evening. I managed to swerve and miss it. A BMW hit the barrier a few minutes ahead of me. There where no lights on it when i came through. Its not something you expect to happen....
Some years ago or so I was driving our Polo up the old A1 dual carriageway at night before it was upgraded to motorway. At that time there were many minor side roads and crossing points over the A1 with waiting spaces in the central reservation. I was happily driving up the outside lane passing a lorry and could see a vehicle's lights as it sat in the widened outcentral reservation crossing to the southbound side. As I got nearer it looked like a tractor waiting.

The next thing I knew there was a loud bang and the wing mirror on my side had disappeared, just a couple of scraps of plastic hanging loose. I hadn't seen anything overhanging the fast lane but the tractor must've been pulling a low trailer which hadn't any lights or reflectors to show up. As I was passing a lorry I couldn't have my high beam on so the lights didn't pick anything up in the way.

Had the obstacle overhanging the fast lane been a foot or more further out it would have taken the A pillar and the screen out and me with it and I probably would have been killed instantly... lesson learned.
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At the very least the van driver is guilty of gross disrespect. Imagine it might well have been a premiership footballer in the Lambo. You've got to respect that.
Its a bit frightening coming across a stationery object in the fast lane at 70mph.
Strangest thing I've ever seen was a man climbing a stepladder in the centre lane of the M6 near Manchester. I just had time to brake and allow a car to swerve into the fast lane with me and I was past before I got a proper look but I remember the picture clearly.


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TBH he'd sooner have had the problem fixed when he'd said there was something wrong.
Yeah that's true. I rather dislike it when managers (or anyone really) puts blame onto others when it's not justified. Although it would be great if the problem was fixed, the paperwork trail got your friend off the 'hook' (not that s/he should be on the hook in the first place).


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Yes it's about being aware of whats around you at all times.:okay:
Only had to do that once *, on a crowded M62 when the courtesy car I was driving seized up, while my car was in having a service... I had to put the clutch in to keep it rolling and work my way over to the hard shoulder watching everything at once and get across without any servo on the brakes. Stopping on any of the lanes wasn't something I was prepared to do as everyone was going at the same speed and I couldn't hang about! Even on the hard shoulder you feel vulnerable so I hopped over the barriers onto the grass to walk to the nearest phone. Garage wasn't happy to collect but turned out there was no oil in the sump of the courtesy car so of course it seized. Thankfully it hadn't been my responsibility to check it but if they'd found some small print somewhere, and I'm sure they would've tried it if they could, I could've had a huge bill!

Needless to say when I got my car back, the first thing I checked was had they put new oil in, and never went back to them!

[Edit: * Twice! ...a toughened windscreen crazed over when I was driving south to Leeds on the A! and a stone flicked up from a lorry tyre... couldn't see forward properly so had to get across to the hard shoulder without running into anything that might be slowing down in the slow lane. Smashed out the windscreen to see and hoped it wouldn't rain!]

Passing lorries on the A1 is always an adventure, you never know what might happen..
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I'd think the van was following another vehicle which suddenly swerved to the left, causing the van driver to lose focus for a second..shyte parked car nowhere to go.

Happen a lot, especially when following big vehicles..

As for the Lambo..ahh well
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