Strange comment by the Police


West Yorks
Those are average speed cameras around my area. They have been in years yet still some drivers don't seem to grasp the concept of them and speed until they see them when they stamp on the brakes.

I idly speculate how enraged they are at getting yet another speeding ticket but never quite working out how it caught them.
These aren't average speed cameras as they flash when triggered, they are about 3 to 4 miles apart, it's the same on the M62 from Bradford to where the M62 crosses the M1 at Lofthouse and on towards Normanton, in theory you could join the M'way at Bradford and loose your license before you get to Wakefield, there was a report on Look North last year saying how much revenue the smart motorway had generated as when the national speed limit is set the people who think 85 mph is the minimum speed you should be doing couldn't understand why they got a fine, these morons thought that because the speed limit signs weren't lit the cameras were also off, wrong!!!
I wouldn't be surprised if that Lambo was on hire, on it's way to a wedding, and the driver has decided to see how it goes, then stamped on the stop pedal for the speed camera, effectively brake checking the following van, a super car will pull up a lot quicker than a loaded van.
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