Students at Christmas ..


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So if the great and knowledgeable politicians decide to prevent students returning home for Christmas ...
How are they going to do it ....

Armed police / Army putting up barbed wire fences around their accommodation.
Shooting these that try to escape.
Student Escape Committees tunnelling under the wire .....

Seriously .... how do YOU think the government will prevent your children and grandchildren getting home to see you at Christmas ...
My heart aches for the students! I remember how tough my first term was - the thought of doing that in a pandemic and not being able to go home at Christmas chills me to the bone.


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Strangely enough i watched David Lammy on the Marr show Sunday morning .... Labour are totally against any attempt to prevent students returning home at Christmas ... It must be true as a Labour Minister said so ....
As an aside he was asked about the science around the rule of 6, and pubs closing at 10 .... he was quite forthright on the matter .... there is no science ... the government just made it up ... panic as usual .....


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Let me think,
People from all over the country travelling all across different parts of the country to mix with other people from all over, and the Government didn't think of the possibility of some form of cross infections amongst the youngsters.🤔
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Such a mess. If I were a student this year I'd have taken a year out. There's no way this year is going to be a normal one for them.
I really expected more to. I've worked in HE, and, despite the jobs issue and travel restrictions, I thought that a good 1/3rd would just defer. But it didn't happen, partly because of government/uni promises about blended learning, how it would be fine, etc. And now this.

I think most students will go home over Christmas, it would be extremely hard to stop them.

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They can't. Not all students live in halls of residence.

It's a stupid suggestion, come about because they're panicking.
Lets think about the situation for the moment and what we think we know about CV19, a couiple of key points
It has a lag phase between contact and symptoms ~ 7 to 10 days approx
Young people generally have mild symptoms and generally don't bother the NHS too greatly in terms of beds/respirators etc.
Young people make up a large percentage of the population in general and Uni's in particular and whilst many return home most will keep and a concentrated group
Herd immunity may yet be a good thing.

So my take would be, let them mix, let them catch the virus earlier rather than later, have most of it done by Christmas when they will be less likely to be still infected and transmit the virus to elders. Make masks-wearing compulsory in classes and all 'public' on campus areas and lectures. Uni Staff 'at risk' should either shield or be distanced where possible. Those that travel home to elderly parents will have to either distance themselves from campus or take extra measures at home.
We simply can't stop this thing and it's better that the less vulnerable become part of the herd as soon as possible. Students need to be able to crack-on with studies and returning to some sort of new-normality as soon as possible rather than be incarcerated in their halls.....


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The press is also seriously stirring this up too - they haven't covered what my Uni is doing to support students, just focused on them 'being locked up'. Staff have volunteered and there is absolutely immense support going in to help the students. They've negotiated directly with Asda to arrange food deliveries


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I think I'm with Professor Fabbers on this; confine them as much as practicable, and hopefully it will be mostly done in 2 months.
(Kudos to the staff looking after them :okay: )

Must seem like shoot for them at the moment, but this may be just another brief episode in the COVID saga that we look back on years from now; it's a crap period for everyone, and 18-19year-olds were always going to have this brief period of their life ruined, however it was handled by Those In Charge :-/
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