Subway don't use bread to make their sandwiches...


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At least that's the official verdict. I have no idea what they put in their bread but I never liked it. Looks like it's just more unhealthy sugar-laden junk.

THE SUPREME COURT today ruled that sandwiches made by Subway contain too much sugar to legally be considered bread.

The ruling today arose from an appeal from Bookfinders Ltd, a Subway franchisee, which claimed that it should not have to pay VAT as many products it sells are “staple foods” and should attract a 0% VAT rate.

However, the five-judge court ruled that the sandwiches must attract a rate of VAT due to its sugar content.

The law states that for bread to be considered a “staple product” and not attract VAT, it “shall not exceed 2% of the weight of flour included in the dough”. Subway’s bread has a 10% ratio.

This appeal arises from a claim submitted to the Revenue Commissioners by Bookfinders Ltd in December 2006. In the claim, the Subway franchisee sought a refund for VAT payments made from the period January/February 2004 to November/December 2005 at a rate of 9.2%, which it claimed should instead have been subjected to 0% VAT.

The court ruled “to exclude the bread used by the appellant in their sandwiches from being considered as bread under para. (xii) of the Second Schedule, as the sugar content in the bread exceeded the percentage allowed in the Schedule.


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I don't know what it is but there's a smell associated with Subway shops that means I've never had any wish to go in.

Our local paper once reported on a pizza place where the ham used wasn't classed as meat & the cheese wasn't cheese!


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Other than the bread, which I didn't know about until today, the sandwiches are very high quality in Subway. This is probably a surprise for any old curmudgeonly sod that writes it off as yet another 'fast food' outlet despite never having visited.
Hopefully they improve the nutritional value of the bread and all will be sorted.


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I only ever ate a Subway once and have no intention of doing so again. I notice the smell too.

When we were in the office, one of my work colleagues drove to Subway every single day to buy his lunch even though there was a very good canteen at work that serves proper food. His choice but I don't see the appeal.


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In a similar local news story, there was a Newcastle pizza place that was found to be using dog-food on its bolognese pizza...
Did it at least give the customers healthy shiny hair?


One Subway in York got 0 out of 5 Hygiene rating (Scores On The Doors).

The pictures were horrible, looked like someone had been sick in the salad trays..


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Same. I only ever had a subway once, i think... I remember walking in there and the smell seemed fake. Bakery smell in a aerosol can. My mate insisted i have a meatball sub. What a mistake that was. It fell apart like french lace knickers...
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