'Summer' jersey long sleeve


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I have been looking for a summer long sleeve jersey for a while but have only come across what I would call autumn/winter jerseys because of the material. I know I could wear a short sleeve jersey with arm warmers but felt there must be a long sleeve equivalent to the short sleeve jerseys I have.
Well this morning I found one - Lidl cycling jersey and at £7.99 what more can you ask for. (I did get the arm and leg warmers as well).
Now that I know that you can buy long sleeve summer weight jerseys does anyone know of any other makes that are out there that I can look at?


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Summer jersey = short sleeve
winter jersey = long sleeve
I won't put a long sleeve jersey on yet as that would mean the summer is over.

What summer i hear you say.^_^


Tenn Outdoors Sprint jersey comes in long and short sleeves and the coffee-bean (really) material is good in warm weather, IMO.
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