Sympathy (the death of Jose Antonio Reyes)

Because he is a famous footballer, killed at too young an age.

My father died a couple of years ago and it only made the bm&d pages of the local newspaper. Nothing at all wrong with that even though we were all devastated.

Famous people have always generated more newspaper headlines. Get over it, it's not a problem


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He was travelling at 135 mph on public roads when he crashed.
I know but that seems to have played down a hell of a lot unfortunately.


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Footballers and their antics in powerful cars are well known. Luckily he didn't hit anyone else. Bit of a backlash in Spain with many saying he didn't deserve to be lauded as a hero;
BBC News - Jose Antonio Reyes: Footballer's high-speed crash prompts anger and debate
I wonder if people would have still come out and praised his glittering career if he'd gone out with a gun and shot his victims with a gun.
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