Tell what we have that's good...


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The tides on the shore are still going up and down (or in an out) just as predicted.


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The birdsong has been one of few pleasures during the lockdown.

Just counted traffic in my road and compared with a recent council traffic survey.
Two months ago, traffic was about 10% of normal; it's now up to 76%. :sad::stop:
That traffic is returning should be a good thing, the economy has got to get moving, if it had stayed at 10% of normal, we would all be well and truely done for.
Family (kids, wife, mother, siblings, mil)
My kids are healthy
my wife and I are healthy (and she had a root canal yesterday!)
My family in the UK is healthy and well
My son is doing well (has CF)
Really happy about my kids doing well at school
I can make some people happy with ridiculously little effort (and other people can too!)
Great roof over my head
I'm definitely not going thirsty or hungry
Have some fantastic tea (Yorkshire Gold)
Lovely food (tofu stir fry yesterday, yum)
Lovely neighbourhood where I live with great neighbours
I see neighbours looking after each other
I hear about people here and in the UK being good and looking out for each other
I see new small kids in the neighbourhood playing in the street
I live in a beautiful -but not grand, I don't care -house
I have some great bikes
I can go off roading in 10 minutes after cycling on the road
My oldest daughter is loving her university in her first year
I have some smashing ginger beer
I have a job and I am still working, as is my wife
I can pay the mortgage
I have great health insurance (maybe not as appreciated as much in the UK!)
I see hope in the fight against coronovirus
I was really happy (and surprised) about the us supreme court decision about lgbtq+ yesterday
I'm happy to be living in Massachusetts as compared to some other states 😜
I'm happy my cars are all running with no problems
I'm happy I've only put petrol in my car twice since March
Happy to be missing my car commute
Happy I'm on a board where most people are respectful even with the anonymity of the internet
Really happy to see we have multiple humming birds who visit us
I have 3 great cats all of them are very affectionate

I'll stop there but could go on..... Just a jumble of things that came to my mind first.


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These people are real heroes and we can be very proud to have them. Grossly underfunded by the state but raise huge amounts of money themselves. They provide real dignity to the last weeks of many people's lives.

I'll celebrate them with you
A good mates dad, has just spent the last three weeks in one, being tenderly helped onto the next plane of existence* by one of these awesome places..

*Whatever that is.

Safe journey David :okay:
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