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I have been looking for a local part-time job recently and one has come up in the Tennis Centre of the local Agricultural College.

I have been trying to think of any advantages or disadvantages of working as a Receptionist there.

How long will I spend on the 'net?
Will there be any bouncers?
Will there always be a racket?
What are the conditions of service?
Will I be expected to love all the customers?

Can you think of any other things I should consider?

Yes, it is within cycling distance, :smile: or there is free p*rk*ng.:evil:

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
Local agricultural collages are where the sons of the big land owners are sent to while away a few years 'studying' estate management, before returning home to inherit. The tennis centre will feature heavily as part of their 'core curriculum' activities.

Depending on your circumstances and mercenary tendencies, I think in less than ten years, you could easily get half of Lincolnshire in a divorce settlement if you played your cards right.
Will you have two desks at each end of the building
How long are the intervals
What's the umpiring process in case of dispute
What drinks are served
Must your wheels be inside the parking box
Yeah, it was her fault; just don't do it again.


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Once you're involved with a tennis club, it's sure to be just a short time till you get embroiled in a wife-swapping and amphetamine controversy.


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On a serious note, the job advert said ring for an informal chat. I did that this morning, having got the paper on Friday evening, (the paper comes out on Thursday evenings, and usually one is delivered) only to be told that they had already decided who to offer the job to :ohmy::sad:xx(:wacko:.

It was, almost literally, right up my street. Part-time, including Saturdays, but that does not bother me, as you would only work until 3pm that day.
Yah, boo shucks.
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