Thank God i wasn't on my bike...

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The thread is buggi's, about her accident, my whinge was just, well my whinge.
Sorry for me (and the server !) messing it up buggi - hope the aches and pains sort out soonest, perhaps get a physio referral or whatever else the hospital/your GP recommend ? If the NHS physio is a long wait, go private and claim it against this dopey driver's insurance (does your car insurance include a 3rd-party costs-recovery ? If so, contact them and see about how you can do this)

Maz, excellent on you for being a witness.

In fact excellent on anyone for being a witness.

Years ago someone ran into me then drove away through a red light without stopping, although I got his number.
I also got the details of a witness - the bloke eally didn't want to give them to me, but eventually I got his name, phone number to ring later for address etc, plus his reg no.
When I rang the number, the people who answered didn't know anything about it : it wasn't him.
I'd reported the incident to the police, the guy who'd hit me denied it all and said the damage to his car was a parking scrape.
They checked the witness's reg number and found it did belong to the sort of car that I said it did, but the bloke's name was different and he said he didn't know anything about the incident.
So the police wouldn't do anything, I had to claim on my own insurance, lost my no-claims
B*st*rds - both the other driver and the witness.

Since then I've happily been a witness of two collisions - I know what it's like to be the innocent victim but not able to prove anything.


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yea, it's a real bummer init Andy (wot the hell happened to your post??)

i would always stop and give my details if i saw something.


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... because some bint rear ended me while i was waiting at a traffic island. said she didn't see me!!!!

car is a write off (probably, the guy said when he took it away today)

my neck hurts and so does my head and lower back (basically whiplash symptoms) so i've had two days off work.

it was about 9pm and it was dark, with no-one around, so i was like sitting there after really banging my head thinking i don't wanna move, someone will come over. anyway, no-one did so i started to think that the person who hit me is in a really really bad way, probably worse than me, so after a couple of minutes i decide to get out. honestly, my head hurt so much i would not have got out if i thought (a) someone else was around to help and (:blush: the other person wasn't dieing.... and when i get out the stupid bitch is only talking to some driver that had pulled up! then she comes over and says "i've phoned my husband he's coming out".

er.... how about fecking coming over and seeing if the woman you just crashed into is ok and find out if you need to call an ambulance first before you call your fecking husband or decide to have a cosy chat with someone that just pulled up!

then.. get this... when my dad turns up 10 mins later he asked me where she was and i say, sitting in her car i think. WRONG. her husband has turned up and sent her home in his car. what the feck???

anyway, coz i'm dazed i don't really put two and two together until about 2 hours later when it dawns on me the reason she disappeared is probably because she's been to the pub.

police thought it was very iffy too, but unfortunately too late to do anything about it. they were gonna go out and see her because she left the scene, until they found out she admitted liability. said it's a bit pointless now.

i'm so mad i just didn't sit in my car and wait for them to come and get me.


Rough deal there Buggi :smile:. Could have been worse but it was still more than bad enough.
I'm sure your neck will be unsore in no time at all, but don't tell them that :smile:;):blush:.
I'm very surprised that the bizzies weren't more interested in her leaving the scene, liability admitted or not.


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:blush: Yes indeed. If it was a DUI I'm glad it didn't end up worse - that's by no means saying you shouldn't be amazingly angry or aren't hurt at the moment.


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Yum Yum whiplash will get you a nice new shiny bike.


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That's terrible, buggi. What a bloody nerve for her to leave the scene like that! Have you had a check up for your injuries? Hope you're on the mend.

I had to drive in today and the car in front of me rear-ended the car in front of him, so now I'm a named witness. Hope I don't have to waste my time having to testify in court or anything.


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o believe me, i'm gonna milk it! i'm convinced she'd had one too many. not that she was blind drunk, but i reckon she knew she was over the limit and that's why she phoned her hubby instead of coming to check me.

and now i can't go out on my bike AGAIN! dammit. i'm depressed.


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Its a shame that the police didn't follow this up straight away. Leaving the scene is an offence whether she admits the liability or not. She could of course been drinking and the husband got her out of the way quickly before the plod got there?
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