The Post-Brexit Thread


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South Wales


Lovely stuff
That London
Just making sure that CC is slightly ahead of the curve and is prepared for the inevitable. ^_^
Nice one dude. Probably way more prepared than the government.


A gentlemanly pootler, these days
West Wickham
I've stockpiled toilet paper and will be selling it for £10 a roll. I also have a secret source of free range meat, which I will sell as "long-tailed quail". Might taste a bit gamey, but that'll be the sewers.
Flaw in your plan. It'll be cheaper to wipe your bottom on £5 notes than to buy toilet roll. Plus, because they are plastic, they can be washed (although they'll feel like San Izal).

The irony of our "true English Patriots" having to choose whether to wipe their crack on Churchill's kite or The Queen's should not be underestimated.
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