The spirit of Drop The Dead Donkey lives on........

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Would this have anything to do with the German news TV reporter who smeared mud over her face and clothes so she could say she helped in the flood clean up?

Sorry didn't click the link.
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I’ve seen similar as a by-stander.

A BBC reporter was at a fire on Southend Pier and about to go live. The trouble was the fire had been put out about 15 minutes earlier so he made the fire brigade turn their hoses back on and fight the now extinguished flames.

I can name the reporter too for a fee.


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I was at a traditional country fair years ago where there was a bale tossing competition. The news reporter turned up late and the contest had ended, so he asked random people to throw bales over the bar and got us all to cheer whilst he did his "nail biting" report on how close and exciting the contest was. It was painful to watch

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And to think the Daily Mail has a bad rep!
It has indeed.
thanks for the thread rezillo - wo'd have thought it - a funny feelgood NACAs thread with no nastiness insults posing and behind the scenes games.
cheered me up.
Yep Drop the Dead Donkey was excellent - great scripts.
should be repeated - I think a lot of it would still stand up despite all the very topical references.
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In the 80's weren't they caught out throwing litter around in a park for Mrs Thatcher to do a piece to camera, picking it up while publicising a new anti-litter initiative?
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