The still nasty party....

But the current shower are taking it to extremes.
Indeed. As usual they are taking a concern that already exists, and then using it to give the impression that their tribe are victims of a powerful group. Then they present themselves as the only protection against this menace, just like they did with Brexit and immigration.

Then the extremists on the other side will do the same: take a genuine concern and tell their tribe they are the victims, present themselves as the only solution, and on it goes.

Both extremes want to shut down any dissenting voices and both will do so if they get the power. It's just that in England at least, the Tories currently have the power.


Cracking a solo.
I bet the only reason the HO replied is because he tried to make Patel look bad by tagging her, otherwise there would not have been a peep.
Quite right too, she needs no help on that front.
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