The still nasty party....

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Haven't we seen this before? 🤔

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I can't find Cilla in that one. Give us a clue.

Why do these weirdos lie all the time when they know they'll be caught? And being caught doesn't seem to bother them. Why? What do they gain?

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Can anyone here who tends to be a supporter of the Tories please explain this?
I suspect because they know only people with a real interest will actually check; the rest will listen to their lies and think that this MP is "alright really" because they give the impression of caring about it.


There's always a reasonable explanation,
Patel was out buying stuff for asylum seekers, obvs.


Something to do with this I expect

"People are still shopping through safe countries and coming to the UK."
Almost seems like money well spent then 🙄


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I'd say the 77k eyebrows were up there too,

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I saw that earlier, it reminded me of something but I couldn't place it. I've narrowed it down to two options, one of which I will not be linking in any form whatsoever for reasons that would become immediately apparent.

The other is:

5 internet points to the first to say what this is without doing an image search
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