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I think it's safe to say that Tim only does what's good for Tim. You never see the words Tim Martin and altruism in the same sentence.


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He's just one of a long dishonourable line of unpleasantly eccentric British* entrepreneurs who succeed on ruthless low cunning rather than any higher intelligence.

*I'm aware he hails originally from a colony somewhere.
Allegedly hatched in Norwich (which in itself carries certain, erm, associations), but raised in New Zealand. Must admit, I always thought he was a Kiwi. Any KIWI acronyms gratefully welcomed. Thinking caps on, people.


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The W is easy enough...


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Last year I found myself having to make a stopover in Barrow in Furness and while taking an evening stroll felt like a pint. I asked a couple of guys if there was a pub nearby and was assured there was one just round the corner. I rounded the corner to find a Wetherspoons:rolleyes:.
i'm sure the pubs are fine but it's the manner of the owner that repels me:sad:.
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