The UK should become a Republic

Would you trust a Jezza influenced one instead then? :laugh:
He was kicked out a year ago. Have you been asleep the past year?

I would hope that Labour, in any future constitution, would further reduce the role of the royal family to just a Monarch rolled out for ceremonial occasions, with only one gaff and no parasitic hangers-on, plus get rid of a non-elected second house.
Would you trust a Jezza influenced one instead then? :laugh:
Yes, and Caroline Lucas, and Nicola Sturgeon (if it's for Britain and not Just England), Lord Adonis, but also Ken Clarke, John Major and maybe even Jacob Rees Mogg, as well as a lot of other people, as many as practically possible, from different backgrounds, people groups and belief systems.

That's the only way to make sure any constitution is as fair and as well thought through as possible: it's far too important to let one political party write it.
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and Nicola Sturgeon
You would seriously trust Sturgeon after all the shoot going on with the Salmond enquiry??
David Davis exposed her good and proper in the Commons the other day, using parliamentary privilege. A man of integrity, top Brexiteer.
Sturgeon on the other hand blew nearly a million quid of Taxpayer's cash fighting a futile legal case that their own side's QC advised they were going to lose, just to try to stitch up Salmond. I don't like him much either, but at least I don't think he's bent and a liar.
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