The Ultimate Jeremy Corbyn Thread

Discussion in 'News and Current Affairs' started by theclaud, 24 Feb 2018.

  1. Hitchington

    Hitchington Lovely stuff

    That London
    Why don't you Tweet him and find out?
  2. Hitchington

    Hitchington Lovely stuff

    That London
    Were you drunk when you made this post? It's a mess.
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  3. Flying_Monkey

    Flying_Monkey Toll Collector on the Road to Nowhere

    If that was a response to my post above yours, you didn't really read what I wrote.
  4. Kajjal

    Kajjal Veteran

    Wheely World
    This internal conflict has been going on for years now within Labour. The problem is Watson and his faction only now have criticism and smears to offer. Even to the point of deliberately briefing against Labour in the last general election and continuing in that vein ever since. This is stopping the party working fully on opposing the government and directly impacting the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable Labour was formed to represent. Watson would not survive a leadership contest and should have followed the example set by Cooper, Benn etc. who are doing the difficult, tough work real politics is about.
  5. Cycleops

    Cycleops Guru

    Accra, Ghana
    So why hasn't he been sacked by Jezza and replaced?
  6. lane

    lane Über Member

    He can't be it is an elected post - deputy leader. That is why he is free to speak out.
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  7. Crackle

    Crackle Squatter

    Even if you thought the Panorama programme was reaching a bit, the response of the high command has been catastrophic and looks like its going to get worse. They've actually openly bullied and defamed the whistleblowers who appeared on the programme, it's a scale of ineptness that hasn't been seen before but worse it actually shows the true make up of those who make up the leaders party, a little glimpse of their true soul, breathtaking. Cock and balls on the next election paper I think.
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  8. Kajjal

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    The Labour Leader does not have the power to dismiss the Labour deputy leader. Also worth bearing in mind the deputy is in a role and not the deputy in the literal sense.
  9. Diogenes

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    More from the nasty party


    Is it ridiculous to not tolerate racism?
  10. Kajjal

    Kajjal Veteran

    Wheely World
    What is appalling are the extremists at both ends using this to promote their own political agenda enabling various types of intolerance without a care for the actual people this is affecting. All they do is criticise and provide poisonous rhetoric never explaining how to de escalate, bring people back together and resolve the situation. Instead continually pouring fuel on the fire.
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  11. Diogenes

    Diogenes Opinions, schminions

    It's very easy to de-escalate.

    1) Expel anyone who has said racist things, supported others who are racist or excused racism. None of this "Ah but, Israel" nonsense.
    2) Fire the staff who failed to act
    3) Remove the whip and de-select any MP who has done any of the above.
    4) Clear out the "leadership" who have allowed Labour to be dragged into the gutter like this.
    5) Apologise and set up clear rules to ensure this cannot happen again.
  12. Kajjal

    Kajjal Veteran

    Wheely World
    I don’t think you appreciate what you have just suggested and it’s historical context.
  13. Rusty Nails

    Rusty Nails We remember

    Here and there
    Is that where Seamus Milne models his tactics on?

    There is most likely some attempt to discredit Labour in all these accusations, but that task is made easier when Labour keeps supplying the ammunition.

    As we have seen with this whole furore it is easy to throw accusations around, both those of anti-semitism and an Israeli plot, but much more difficult to prove anything conclusively.

    I await the EHRC investigation and report for a more balanced commentary.
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  14. SpokeyDokey

    SpokeyDokey Nearly 63 - oh dear! Moderator

  15. Duffy

    Duffy Well-Known Member

    And a large number of former employees of the Labour Party

    OMG their good!!
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