The ultimate Sir Keir Starmer thread


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The Tory Labour Party, sorry ..The London Labour Party ... oops ... The Not The Opposition to Anything the Tories Say Party ...
have lost the people .....
Judging by our local Labour Party, you have to have an income >£70K and a £250K value house, backing onto the Cricket Club, with a private access gate, to even start to beat your breast about your working class roots ....
But it’s a "Dog Turd Constituency” ... what does it matter ..:sad::sad:

Joey Shabadoo

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Good slogan, to be fair. She looks alright. I thought you were further West though, in the bit with the other dreadful Tory?
I am, surrounded by them down here.

This came up on my twitter feed and I thought it was worth sharing :smile:
You mean the towering intellect and bastion of integrity that is Steven Crabb I presume.


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Today’s gem from the gentleman. “There has to be a consistent approach this time” (COVID and holidays)
“We can’t have the rules chopping and changing”

If a holiday destination changes from green to red then, presumably he won’t criticise the government for “not acting fast enough” to protect us from further spikes if they don’t “chop and change the rules”?

@Drago ’s post on another thread today was the most apt comment I’ve seen about politicians. Like watching/listening to kids in the playground


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Excellent Grauniad article here,

Labour keeps pushing the ‘same old Tories’ line – but voters have moved on
Rafael Behr

Final para:
In over a decade of opposition, Labour has offered many policies that it thinks voters should like, buttressed with solid reasons to reject the Tories. It hasn’t worked. One thing no leader has attempted is a candid, humble explanation for why the party keeps losing, complete with a credible display of understanding why voters switched sides. It doesn’t come easily. The left is conditioned to doubt that any decent human being could be a Tory. That is the barrier to empathy across which no minds are changed. The alternative is to keep running the same old campaign against the same old Tories, and to keep on losing because Britain doesn’t have the same old politics, or the same old voters.
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