The ultimate Sir Keir Starmer thread

Eric Olthwaite

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You're suggesting it doesn't matter how corrupt or dishonest Johnson is.
Alternatively, I'm suggesting that few think that asking a party donor to pay for curtains is a serious form of corruption.
The vast majority of people don't care who paid for Boris' new curtains, as long as it didn't come out of taxes. Starmer simply doesn't get that.
Oh I see- so when he holds the Prime Minister to account for breaking the Ministerial Code, he shouldn't do that because no-one in his party is interested?
I doubt that people don't care about potential breaking of parliamentary rules regarding funding, but compared to the major issues such as Covid and the lockdown, and Brexit that directly affect their lives, sleaze or Boris's distasteful use of language is not that high on their priority of concerns. I am not judging them and saying they should be more concerned, but just recognising that people have different priorities.

Starmer is correct to criticise and ask for answers from the PM, but he has to decide on which issues are the highest priority for criticism and most likely to win voters over to Labour.
You guys ^_^ Where did it say it wouldn't be corrupt?
Isn't perceived as corrupt was my meaning. Which I think was also your point. Indeed, I do believe we agree with one another!

Ste T.

Our PMs debts being secretly paid by others isn't corrupt? Amazing, no?

Funny isn't it. Imagine how it would be received if it were Corbyn.

[Edit: and all this going on at the height of a pandemic. Talk about priorities!]
As Corbyn was worth considerably more than BoJo he probably wouldn't have needed to have been subbed for his curtains.
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