They Don't Like It Up Em!


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I have that light too, it is great with fresh batteries isn't it?


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Rode with the wife tonight, she alerted me to how in your face these lights can be (TL-LD600 in my case)
Its giving me a migraine she said :biggrin::biggrin:

Best go faster then i said..and get in front. :biggrin:


****'em and push it (shine it) so ****ing hard (bright) they wince/shudder that shakes the breath of the their soul ! :biggrin:

Such a beautifull post, you have made, Bug' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:

I've noticed recent; I, instead of having the light on flashing went to to the mindset of having it on constant or the mode that sweeps all leds left to right and back but the cardrivers seem to take the piss, pass close to you etc..

So it was back to the flashing.

I can't understand why they dont realise that if they see the light (on constant or sweep) give me room no problem but no they have to pass close so the flashing goes on they get irritated, they keep the subliminal cyclist/car driver war going on...

Rediculous eh !

[/QUOTE] Just started to use the 'winter' bike again with my Cateye tl-ld1000
and from the number of cars sounding their horns at me tonight i guess it's a little on the bright side! :biggrin:[/QUOTE]


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So they whinge when cyclists don't have lights & they whinge when cyclists are well-lit... there's no pleasing some folk!


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Ipswich, Suffolk
I use 2 sets of lights usually... one very bright flashing rear one alongside a not quite so bright static one, set at different heights...

Then at the front I have one light eaither side of the stem, one flashing one constant...

I really don't fancy being hit on the way home from work... she'll moan I'm late for dinner. So I make bloody sure they can see me.
I have a 'don't like it up 'em' too! Great. :biggrin:
Also a static on the seat stay, a yellowish clipped round my rucksacky thing,(looks mysterious glowing away under a high-viz) and, another half round Cateye flashy/still red job which I have mounted on the right hand drop - using odd bits of clamp etc. Gives me a bit of 'width'! Only have one forward - the Opticube.
Also have plenty of batteries at work :biggrin:


funny how peoples mind sets are-iwas in my car (shame i know) t'other nite and i was shocked by the lights on the bike coming towards me, i just thought "awsome"- gimme some of those!! cos they made me slow down without even thinking about it-anyone who could get annoyed by this should be strapped to a bike on a dark country road with rudimentary lights fitted- "see" how they like it .
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