Thoughts on which HRM and Wireless computer


North Hampshire

The cadence measure on my computer has failed so I'm thinking of replacing it. The Polar CS200cad gets some very good and balanced reviews on Wiggle. The only real failing I've read so far is the speed sensor is on the front so not good for when I'm on the turbo in the winter (not very often at the mo) and you cannot get in to replace the battery yourself (or if you do it invalidates the warranty so it's off to Polar). The latter seems a very silly design flaw to me.

Though my theory is this: by using cadence and heart rate I can give myself training goals and motivate myself better to go out on my own (which I struggle with and I often ride with a group but want to improve).

Initially I didn't want to spend more than about £40ish but given a HRM has a variety of benefits and this easy way to monitor yourself and download could really easily motivate me it may be worth the investment.

Anything else you would buy instead?
Comments on this model?
Or should I save my hard earned, spend about £40 on a Cateye and find another way to train?

Thanks guys

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