Today when I exercised my democratic right...


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I walked in to the Polling Station with Mother and it was empty. Vacant apart from two ladies reading Next, or Womans own.. or something trashy about something libellous I'm sure.

Bit disappointing really. Though two other people turned up after. Perhaps it was a quiet period?

Anyway. You've still got 20 minutes to vote if you havent. :smile:

VOTE QUIMBY! :tongue:


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I had a 5 minute queue and a friend took 45 mins... and I found out what the system is for marking the ballot paper for the wrong party:blush:


I just got slagged off by the people finishing spin and gym polling booth was the local leisure centre :smile:


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Went down mine at couple just coming out, i walked in and the place is empty :smile:
Chatted to the ladies there and asked if its been busy, was the dissapointed answer .
I guess the locals arent interested...

Wished i'd looked down the voters list, see how many (or how few) were crossed off.

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I just got a look from the invigilator that said "you voted for who?"

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Yes, was down there at 7 am and there were dribs and drabs coming in.

I was the only one with a very excitable 3 legged dog though, so I think I certainly stood out amongst the early voters.

Hope it was busy, I am in John McFall's old Constituency.


I went in at tea time, a couple of others in there and a few more arriving as I was leaving.

Got to be honest and say my vote was cast with one eye on preventing a candidate winning as much as a vote based on policy and such.


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When I arrived at the Polling Station one of the clerks was standing outside taking the air, but he shot inside as I parked the bike. As I entered the polling room they were both behind the table at the far end of the hall and I thought 'why don't you come to the people instead of having the people walk all the way to you'. Perhaps they were leaving space for an orderly queue, some hope.:laugh:
They told me I was the second person that day to arrive at the polling station by bicycle, so I new that my neighbour had voted before me.:blush::sad:


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We went in with the kids..going.."oh your going xxx etc..." having both done stuff in school argh.... funny bit - a couple were filling in the votes in the same cubicle... the guys handing out the papers joked "'s supposed to be secret'...... wife responds... "hmmm...nothing's secret in our house......"

Poor buggers, must have been bored to death..not talking crowds............
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