Towing boats on a bike trailer

Discussion in 'Tandem and Other Bikes' started by Matthames, 12 May 2010.

  1. Matthames

    Matthames Über Member

    East Sussex
    This is probably really ambitious, but has got me thinking.

    I have seen pictures of canoes and kayaks being towed by a bike and see that it could be done. But with my thinking, how about going a stage further than this and tow something like a Laser dinghy.

    Any thoughts?
  2. How far would you be towing it? I'd have thought a Laser was a bit too heavy and unwieldy to tow safely behind a bike, but I've never tried it.
  3. numbnuts

    numbnuts Legendary Member

    North Baddesley
    Crazy next question
    I have thought of towing my kayak by bike, but I would like to keep in in one piece
  4. Thinking about it a little more, I'd just use it as an excuse to buy an old Land Rover. :wacko:
  5. OP

    Matthames Über Member

    East Sussex
    Not really sure, I am interested to see if it could be done. Unfortunately I don't have a Laser dinghy at the moment, but would hope to acquire one at some point in the future. I don't envisage towing it far though, because like you say they are pretty heavy and unwieldy, the last one I owned seemed to be heavier then the others in the boat park, which probably accounted for me not winning anything :wacko:
  6. Norm

    Norm Guest

    A Laser would make quite a load to tow - although there was a post on here a few weeks back from a chap who had cycled round London towing a kayak.

    Edited to add: Here you go
  7. :laugh: Older ones can let water in around the mast socket, which obviously adds a lot of weight.
  8. Norm

    Norm Guest

    The 'glass can turn porous and absorb water.

    I bet I can claim the oldest, though, sail number 2493. :smile: What are they up to now? Have they passed 200k yet?
  9. jay clock

    jay clock Massive member

    Hampshire UK
    I was in Tanzania recently and they would sneer at pathetic load like a dinghy, when they tow a huge trailer with a pile of sofas about 10 foot high! Go for it
  10. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Resistance is futile! Moderator

    If you gear low enough, I'm willing to bet a bike could tow just about anything.
    Stopping it could be a different matter, of course...:sad:
  11. Muddyfox

    Muddyfox Veteran

    Theres a chap near where i live that tows a canoe with a recumbant trike ... he takes it to Seaton (Devon) and does a bit of mackerell fishing with a handline

  12. Clarkey

    Clarkey New Member

    There was a thread about this on a canoeing forum a while back - lots of comments about how illegal it was to tow something the size of a canoe with a bike. Try as I might I can't find any legal limit on pushbike trailer dimensions though - does anyone know if they exist?

    I have a 16' dinghy (60kg) that I would quite like to tow to the river with my Brompton, a distance of about 1 mile with no hills. The only thing really putting me off is the typically pathetic Brompton brakes.
  13. Banjo

    Banjo Fuelled with Jelly Babies

    South Wales
    I supppose you could allways throw out an anchor :-)
  14. Wobbly John

    Wobbly John Veteran

    I tow my boat, but it's only an 8 footer:


    It's pedal powered BTW:


  15. Clarkey

    Clarkey New Member

    Is that an Atkins Mouse?
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