TV licence

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Ah yes, that irregular verb, to rant.

I rationally discuss.
You rant.
He is off-topic.

Is that ranting as in throwing in scatological comments and off-topic as in weapons of mass destruction?

All this entertainment and it hasn't cost me £170.
Rationally discuss?...well, you brought up 1930's Germany & the SNP. I never mentioned them at all, so who's ranting & veering off topic?. I was merely comparing the cost of running a TV station to the cost of upping our number of missiles. Calm down dear^_^....


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That might have been the case once upon a time when Some Mothers Do Ave Em was on the telly. Can't think of anything now.
Eastenders, talent shows, the great celebrity bake-off on ice, etc... :whistle:
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