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I ride a spez tricross sport 2010 model mostly on road but some pretty bad surfaced roads around my area . Thinking about changing tyres from originals to other more road based ones . Not looking for super speed butt hoping to do some longer 80-100 mile weekend rides friend who does same sort riding but longer / faster runs than me uses conti gator skins . R these the same as conti gator hardcase . The look very simmilar but I'm thinking they r diff tyres . Sorry if this is a daft question but range and choice of tyres becomes confusing . also tyre size on bike just now is 700 x 32 how narrow a tyre could I put on looking at prob 700x 25 or 28
any help or advice pls thanx


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dunno about tyre specifics, but if it came with 700X32 then you should be fine down to 700X25.

If not sure try a 28 this time maybe as sometimes 25 can be quite tight when fitting in a hurry
Sheldon does a useful chart on rim width, as km says it looks like you'll be fine with 25s (if you can read the chart Flickr changed it linking system :biggrin:)
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