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I don't usually frequent here, but the thread has been bought to my attention.

Just for the record I have no truck with any political party, most particularly UKIP. I have a intense dislike of most politicians of all inclinations.

Its no secret that I dress to the right (paging @Fnaar!), but not that far to the right, and not exclusively. I have no admiration for or affiliation with any political party whatsoever. I find it difficult to hold any interest in a system so inherently biased, broken, and abused by those that feed off it from every and all quarters, hence me normally not visiting this forum.


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That won't be cheap, and coming on top of potentially hundreds of thousands to pay out in the Rotherham libel case, UKIP could be very strapped for cash.
(The party being held responsible for delaying settlement means that they will almost certainly be hit with a hefty legal bill, even if they don't help Jane Collins with the 358,000 she already owes in damages and costs). Maybe Nigel can help out?


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Not if it is specifically written into the Brexit agreement that he gets nothing.
I sincerely hope so.
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