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My new bike has Presta? valves (the skinny ones) whereas my old bike had normal car-type valves for which I used a foot pump. Before I went out today on my bike I realised the tyres were a bit soft. Tried to pump them up with my little pump and failed miserably. Drove to the shops and bought a track pump. Tried with the track pump and failed miserably. Flagged down a passing cyclist and he succeeded eventually even though he had problems as well. Question is - is there a knack to fitting the pump correctly to the valve? Or do I just need to practise more? Or do I need to learn how to use a pump correctly? (I am a complete beginner!!) These skinny valves are a bit scary!!
you need to unscrew the screw thingie on the top of the valve first then put on the pump - a little different to schrader. This youtube clip should show you how


oh remember to screw the brass thing back in after inflation

Also here

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Presta valves often need to be tapped a little, till they release some air, be fore they will take any pumping.
Remove dust cap, unscrew little collar, press to releases a little air, press pump hard onto valve, pump. Remove pump, screw lintel collar, put dust cap back on. ride
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