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Internet Marketing bod is a new service for getting really in depth with your Strava data. I know there's already a Strava thread but I can see the discussion on this amazing new site getting quite detailed so wondered if it might be worth a dedicated thread?

If you haven't used Veloviewer yet it's really very easy:
  1. Visit
  2. Tap in your Strava ID (the string of numbers you see after the last slash when viewing your dashboard)
  3. Hit the 'get new rides' button until your rides have all been imported
  4. Go googly-eyed at the amazing amount of ultra-geek data
  5. Post your revelations in this thread


Internet Marketing bod
I'm not bragging here, because I really am surprised, but my god I have a lot of top-ten rankings I had no idea I hold!

New Segments



Cycle Camera TV
South Croydon
Blimey! I'm guessing most of them are in a city? It would appear that Strava has only just starting taking off around these parts so there aren't as many segments.
Yes, in London. But with a city comes a lot more challengers. With a lot of segments having several hundred competitors.

Ben Lowe

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Hi, cheers for the thread. Glad you're liking the site. Worth just getting your head around the known issue ( regarding slightly optimistic placings that currently can happen due to a bug at the Strava end of things (which hopefully they will fix at some point). When there are tied placings higher up the leaderboard than yourself then you will get a slightly optimistic placing as Strava aren't counting the extra tied people in working out your placing. e.g. on a segment that has 3 people tied in 1st place on 50 seconds and you are in 4th place at 51 seconds, VeloViewer will show you are in 2nd place as that is what Strava's api tells me but when you look at the leaderboard in Strava it'll show 4th. When Strava fix their API then you'll notice your placings on these (often short) segments falling all of a sudden but it might not be for a while.
Obviously that doesn't affect your KOMs, those are all accurate!
Bear that in mind and enjoy the stats!


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Wouldn't work with IE, but fine on Firefox.

Mine from 5 'practice' rides with rucksack on plus the Manc 100:

I'll get better - and update it!
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