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Was supposed to be in Pristina in Kosovo tonight, but a missed connexion means a night in Vienna and another flight tomorrow.

So was stuck in Vienna for the night. Checked into the hotel, went down for dinner. Upon seeing the dinner, I set out to find food.

Was going to walk around, then what do I find just down the road from the hotel, but one of those bike hire things. So I take a look, and there's a little computer. It has English instructions. It tells me that for a 1 euro registration fee and a deposit of 20 that I can take a bike, and anything under an hour is free.

So I plug in the card and within a few minutes, I'm away!

Good bike, sturdy, adjustable seat, lights, etc etc

it was wonderful, and I saw more of the city that I would ever have done if I hadn't found the bikes.

Admittedly, it wasn't without issue. I had no idea of how the traffic worked, but fortunately there was not much and I didn't cause any chaos. And it does not come with a lock, so had to find a docking station if I wanted to leave it.

Other than that it was brilliant. I hope the London one is as successful, though I fear for the blood pressure of the cabbies when they encounter tourists all over the place!!!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!


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It means nothing to me. Oh! Vienna! :smile:

Sounds good, actually. ;)


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Vienna is such a lovely city. I am green with envy. Why don't you go further afield also- down the Danube Radweg maybe to Bratislava. I hear the centre of the city is well worth a visit.


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Am back in the hotel room. Only got the one night, early flight tomorrow...

Will have to come back and spend a bit longer here!


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Pristina? I was in Zagreb a few weeks ago, nice place. Shocking to see the bullet holes in the houses though when driving out towards Belgrade.


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Aperitif said:
Thread useless without photos Zimz :biggrin:

Glad you had a Viennese whirl though, and I hope the bike was suitably colourful - as you don't 'do' plain...
Camera wasn't working, and the phone camera is no good with night shots. Sorry about that!

Bikes not too colourful, yellow or blue it seems, though I think it has more to do with sponsors
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