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Good hope him and Murdoch disappear up their own peanuts
That would get rid of a lot of jobs if they did.

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One is an absolute mercenary dispicable arse, the other is a decent cleaver man who actually cares.

As said job losses for normal people will be the result, it wont harm either of them two
I'm with Virgin telly & net and it's fine. Don't have a problem with Mr Branson but Stagecoach are awful. I recall one of their former founders paid a lot of cash into a campaign against gay rights. As for Murdoch....don't start me.


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That would get rid of a lot of jobs if they did.
If and when Virgin lose the franchise on the railway , the same will happen as when Virgin handed back the franchise for East Coast because they weren't making enough profit . The staff will be transferred to whoever wins the contract. The railway is not like other industries, you can't go down the job centre and hire trained licenced staff.


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It's not cafe it's current affairs


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Virgin have made a few mistakes with their rail franchise operations but on the whole I don’t carry much disapproval towards the company or Branson. Virgin has lots of fingers in lots of pies but on the whole it appear to be a well run business with a social conscience.

Murdoch on the other hand is a terrible person. He has full editorial control over lots of newspapers pumping out hatred and social division. Fox News is an awful channel.

You may not like Branson or his train franchise but please don’t compare him to murdoch.


Lose the contract?
Will Branson be in a pickle?
No, he's going to be raking it in when the NHS priviitises....

He already is virgin care are well ahead of the game. Headed up by his daughter who at great expense and time to the NHS trained and qualified as a doctor. But never practiced but went right into dad firm using her knowledge to make profit not for the care of others.


Branson is a smiling monster who dont give a toss about anyone .

So the bloke who had his photo of the flying scotsman ruined by a virgin train didn't get a wonderful present from Richard then..

Give over mate, he's a self made man with no real education to speak of.whos done plenty of humanist shyte, not for you obvs..
Unlike many who Rob this country blind and give nothing back


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I shook Richard Branson's hand once ... a Virgin Atlantic flight, New York --> London, must,ve been nearly 20 yrs ago (gulp).
I was really surprised that he had a very "wet lettuce" handshake :ohmy:
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