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  1. Crackle

    Crackle Squatter

    This is not directly related to the OP but it's the Middle East so everything is related, especially when it comes to the proxy war in Yemen


    Britain's involvement is spelt out in some detail and is far more extensive than I naively thought. Also explained and something I had not realized, is that when the US were looking to prop up Saudi Arabia with weapons, thay had to find way to do it which wasn't going to piss off Israel who objected to Saudi being given access to the same level of weaponry, so they got around this by getting the UK to supply the arms and hence we have this historical arms supply relationship with Saudi Arabia who have ensured it continues by investing heavily in our economy to such an extent, that if they stopped, we'd feel it big time. it's a filthy, filthy relationship.
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  2. Hicky

    Hicky Veteran

    Money talks, oil matters. Trumps a prick and so are many of the hawks who themselves have no concept of conflict apart from perceiving themselves as warriors in suits. Utter utter twats.
    Lives could be spent(however I doubt it based against the topic in this thread) and have previously for questionable reasons.
    Excuse the language but I feel strongly about this.
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  3. Beebo

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    Trump has pulled out of the Iran deal but is now annoyed that Iran are no longer sticking to the agreement that he has already broken.

    Is this a good reason to start a war?
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  4. Rusty Nails

    Rusty Nails We remember

    Here and there
    There may have been a few necessary reasons to start a war in the past. There are no good reasons.
  5. Cycleops

    Cycleops Guru

    Accra, Ghana
    Many of you are forgetting that there are hawks in Iran too, the Revolutionary Guard would love to go head to head with the US without much thought for the consequences.
  6. Dirk

    Dirk If 6 Was 9

    Devon's Gold Coast
    And not forgetting the American Evangelical Christian right wing who will do anything to bring about conflict in the Middle East in order to fulfill biblical prophesies of Armageddon and the End Times.
    These are the people behind Trump.
    Scary, ain't it?
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  7. Hicky

    Hicky Veteran

    I agree and would add to that "consequences for the troops".

    The bunch of farktards.
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  8. Cycleops

    Cycleops Guru

    Accra, Ghana
    I'm not sure these nutters have too much actual leverage.
    What is more scary is the on going tension between Israel and Iran.
    “We’re ready for the decisive war that will bring about Israel’s disappearance from the earth. Our young airmen are prepared for the day when Israel will be destroyed,” Brig. Gen. Aziz Nasirzadeh said, according to an Iranian news site.
    Whether this is just sable rattling or a credible threat we don't know.
  9. Dirk

    Dirk If 6 Was 9

    Devon's Gold Coast
    Trump is using the right wing Evangelical Christian faction in America to bolster his support. This doesn't come at zero cost. He has had to give them some major concessions - witness the make up of the Supreme Court and recent decisions on the abortion laws in some states. They are major players in the American political system and cannot be ignored by any side, least of all the Republicans.
    This religious faction believe in the End Times and the Rapture amongst other radical ideas. They support Israel because they are openly hoping to provoke hostilities in that region to bring about their perceived biblical prophesies. They care not one jot about world peace so long as they can pursue their ideology.
    Religion poisons everything.
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  10. Cycleops

    Cycleops Guru

    Accra, Ghana
    I'd certainly agree with that.
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  11. OP

    Diogenes Opinions, schminions

  12. OP

    Diogenes Opinions, schminions


    Not exactly the yee-haw response most would have predicted.
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  13. LarryDuff

    LarryDuff Veteran

    Trump has been less warlike than Obama, Clinton or Bush.
  14. randynewmanscat

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    I have a fairly strong dislike of conspiracy theories and theorists and enjoy ridiculing them on the net but I do wonder with this one. The ship was in international waters and not a million miles from the coast of Saudi Arabia. The psychotic Bin Salman has form for stirring the pot vis Iran. It seems a breathtaking move to put a hole in a tanker with Japanese interests while the leader of that country is actually being hosted and you want to court sympathy to counter strong US sanctions. A boats a boat, Saudi Arabia may have bought some just like the one in the US video and suitable livery and uniforms for special service personnel.
    I have not a clue but it does seem a bizarre act, why bother inviting Abe in the first place if you are going to embarrass and insult him?
  15. randynewmanscat

    randynewmanscat Senior Member

    Adam Curtis "Bitter Lake" has a section describing the birth of the Saudi Anglo relationship. It is a complex story and many of the facts are not in the public domain. It is supposed to be very difficult from now to obtain export licenses to Saudi Arabia due to the human rights abuses in Yemen but I will say that is bollox, in a fork tongued world what is described as "new" might be "spares" or "resupply". BAE systems have an extremely powerful lobby in the UK government.
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