What do you look for when planning a new route?



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All routes to have cafe indicated
Working on it, stay tuned...

Thanks for the sequence of preferences, very helpful.
Red light districts.
OSMand will highlight brothels (if they are in the openstreetmap database) and will route between them offline.
Various other "adult" things as i recall as well, possibly under the "leisure" heading.
I have vague memories from tinkering that something near Chorley popped up.
Have no idea if @PaulSB uses OSMand.


Do they exchange OS Maps for pints these days? I guess they cost about the same.
See now I never thought of that!


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South Wales
I prefer to use minor roads as much as possible, and will usually look for hills.

I'm sometimes happy to use bike paths, though only ones which are tarmac for pretty well the whole of the path.

I have several times used the Strava random route generator, just giving it a distance and specifying "hilly", and have usually been reasonably happy with what it came up with.

It would be nice to be able to tell it you want a café (or pub) after a certain rough mileage.
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