What part of the word 'guilty' does she not understand?

It seems an MP convicted of perverting the course of justice is determined to keep her seat.

Fiona Onasanya is due to be sentenced in a few weeks with her brother for her part in a dishonest attempt to avoid a speeding ticket.

After conviction, she compared herself to Jesus and the apostles, and in a column for her local paper published over Christmas she indicated her intention to continue as an MP.

So she's not going to quit, whatever happens.

It seems she could carry on if she gets less than a year in prison.

I've seen similar offenders get six or nine months, so there's a chance she will scrape under a year.

If so, there is apparently a 'recall petition', something I'd never heard of.

If 10% or more of the electorate in her constituency sign the petition, there must be a by-election, although she can stand in it.

Her political future looks grim in any event.

After being suspended by the Labour Party, she was expelled from it on Friday.

Her seat in Peterborough is a Labour/Conservative marginal.

Hard to see how she as an independent would win an election in our two party politics.




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The way she is behaving is very odd to say the least. Maybe some sort of mental health issue, I don't know.
It struck me that in her case and that of another MP who employed her drug dealer son as an aide in the House of Commons while initially pretending to not know anything about his conviction that these people have no shame. Whether MPs are getting more brazen or perhaps they just couldn't care I don't know but it is very sad as they should set a high standard.
As for Onasanya her political fate is decided for her if she gets more than a year in prison which is likely.

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Many people have made the mistake of thinking that because speeding is a trivial offence it would be easy to shift the points to someone else and the police wouldn't bother spending their time looking into it too closely. They forget it then becomes "Perverting the course of justice", which is taken very seriously indeed and almost always attracts a custodial sentence. She isn't the first MP to find this out the hard way.


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The MP is determined to keep their seat.

There have been a few low and high profile cases over the years, why the recall act was introduced, to much gnashing of teeth. It's a flawed piece of legislation (I support recalls). Some have resigned, some haven't. Some have gone to prison, some haven't. Some have forged careers elsewhere lol, others haven't. I'm not sure her hanging on to her seat hoping the next general election will be in May 2022 is really in that different a category to any of the other rogues. Generally I'm not that interested in that case of itself, I think it's very easy to jump too far down quite boring stereotypical avenues about religion, being black and her family's country of origin which doesn't tell us more about the case. They are just simply stupid. There is a long and dishonourable history of MPs lying about speeding and other offences, I don't expect the MP to know about the naughty stuff in the past or Gerald Nabarro missing out on a perjury trial, but Chris Huhne, Vicky Pryce and Constance Briscoe was very recent.

Obviously the MP should do the right thing and resign. Not going to. Once we're in that territory it's up to the constituents to reach the threshold for a by-election. Otherwise stuck for them for five years. If that happens, that's not the end of the world as we know it in parliamentary terms. If it outrages people perhaps they could campaign for a better recall act.

There is another avenue. Parliament could vote to have a more sane code of conduct for MPs if it was bothered, although first offence I think from memory Fiona Onasanya gets suspended for 5 days which by amazing coincidence is less than that needed to trigger a recall. Funny that. MPs and parliamentary authorities have generally been very lax about doing anything about MPs unless you've been very naughty indeed in other ways or saying unparliamentary language.

There's also a debate to be had about parliamentary selection in all parties. Labour should run primaries in all MP's selection, I know an ex-member on here would have a heart attack at the mention of this, but where ever we go there's always debates to be had about this (it won't exclude bad, or idiots or other people getting elected).
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She's not the first and won't be last convicted MP to hold on long after her position becomes untenable. I guess she knows this but bearing in mind she's likely to go to jail and that return to her former profession of solicitor isn't going to happen either every week she hangs on is another week's pay in the bank.


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She's not the first and won't be last convicted MP to hold on long after her position becomes untenable. I guess she knows this but bearing in mind she's likely to go to jail and that return to her former profession of solicitor isn't going to happen either every week she hangs on is another week's pay in the bank.
In terms of hanging on, if it gets less than a year sentence or suspended as outlined above by Pale Rider, the recall doesn't trigger till after all appeals, then there's six weeks etc.

The pay of a backbench MP is very considerable as is the pension. 5 year's pension rights of an MP is very considerable indeed.


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Chris Huhne pleaded guilty and got 8 months. This one has lied her way through two trials and changed her story for the second one. Since then she's shown no remorse and an inability to accept the judgement of the jury. The judiciary takes a dim view of such behaviour so she should expect a heavier sentence than Huhne.

She is claiming a diagnosis of MS as mitigation though so who knows how that will play.


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Well having had a ward councillor fond guilty of illegally booting out his tenant and still held on in for months before he got fed up of being billy no mates. An MP who got banged up for fiddling his expenses who also held on until he got locked up and then pocketed the 20 odd grand they get given for closing his office down and the extra for cost of book cases for the books and papers from said office. Nothing surprisers me they really do live on different world to the rest. In this case she looks to be hell bent on taking things to a newer level of "stuff the little people" and thanks for the money.

BTW Huhne and co are a few of the 300 or so ex Mp's who still have a pass for parliament so can still use the cheep bar and have eat the cheep food. All on jolly old taxpayer.

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No one's taking her seriously in Peterborough .. She's a laughing stock.
Sadly she thinks she's going to be the first black lady PM and gods on her side..Jeremy isn't but when you have God!!
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