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NCN is "National Cycle Network" which is a Sustrans (spit.. spit) 'thing' An NCN may include on-road non-segregated route, on-road segregated, off-road shared with peds... Frequently to get from A to B you have to go via R, E, I, G, X, C and then Z. Personally I find we have an excellent cycling network already in existance in the UK, called 'roads' and I don't require an NCN to get where I'm wanting to go.

A Byway concerns more right of way, there are two types:-

BOAT (Byway Open To All Traffic) these allow the use of wheeled vehicles (all kinds, I think) and is normally used for walking or horse riding. Driving of off-road type vehicles for recreational purposes often happens along BOATs and is a contentious issue in many areas due to the BOATs being wrecked, as they are unsurfaced and the off-road vehciles can churn them up to render them just about unpassable.

Then there's Restricted Byways, as under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. These allow a right of way on foot, on horseback (or leading a horse, I think), cycling and for any vehicles BUT NOT motorised ones.

The above is with the proviso that I am not a lawyer etc., etc.
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