Whats the sexiest road racing bike then?


Just call me Chris...
I need something to dream to aspire to owning one day, should I ever be fit/fast/rich enough to warrant it ;)

Something from the Bianchi stable?

Or something like this?



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Breaking with tradition I must say that I do like the Spesh

But the wheels are an eyesore on par with a 1960s highrise housing project


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A bit biased but I like the tarmac pro ;) the rovals are actually excellent wheels and miles better than my ksyriums which are now winter wheels.

I've currently been taking peeks at a couple of cervelos though :angry: and feel like I've committed adultery :biggrin:


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Anything i am riding makes it very sexy.;)

I dont think any of those bikes are sexy.
Not into the colour of the Bianchi, and the Spesh i dont like the wheels or the frame.
I always think it would look good if the hole frame looked flowed.
I would love the Giant SCR4C but thats just because i have the SCR4 anyway and i like the look and the colours.


The Seven Alta or Elium both look like very very nice bikes - or perhaps I'm turned on by the extreme high price?


What about 13lbs of Scott for £6800?!!



Just call me Chris...
Smokin Joe said:
Anyone who finds a bike sexy is likely to end up on the Sex offenders Register, as one person recently found out.

Stick to women, it's safer. The bike is just a machine.
I didn't mean literally, its just a bit of fun :biggrin:

@Fossyant, very nice indeed :biggrin:


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Generally I prefer the old thin tubed, horizontal tt, quill stem style bike (on looks terms anyway). But I really love this Bianchi for some reason. Nothing too flash but it really works for me:biggrin:

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