Where are you right now?

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by longers, 10 Apr 2010.

  1. longers

    longers Veteran

    Housewise, not county or country.

    I'm in the yard with the lead and have just noticed how dark it is ;)
  2. Noodley

    Noodley Guest

    In the kitchen sitting on the right hand side of the sofa watching a programme about UFOs and drinking a cold can of lager which is just within reach on the sideboard....
  3. Gerry Attrick

    Gerry Attrick Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant

    I'm in the Red Room in the East Wing having put the horses to bed and sent to butler off for the night:biggrin:
  4. ComedyPilot

    ComedyPilot Secret Lemonade Drinker

    I've just come in from the garden after sipping a few glasses of Fish Hoek wine in front of a roaring chimnea

    It tasted grand.....
  5. Jane Smart

    Jane Smart The Queen

    Dunfermline Fife
    In the family room, having just come in from sitting out on the decking ;)
  6. Bromptonaut

    Bromptonaut Rohan Man

    Bugbrooke UK
    In the study. Too much fish & chips at lunchtime but just wondering if I need some tea.
  7. dan_bo

    dan_bo How much does it cost to Oldham?

    slurpimg red in front of the fire. not that its cold but it's nice innit.
  8. hackbike 666

    hackbike 666 Guest

    Reading this thread.
  9. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    In Dining room surrounded by the debris form dinner. It'll wait till tomorrow now to be cleared up. Just wondering should I have an early night.
  10. hackbike 666

    hackbike 666 Guest

    You must all be reading this on your palm pilots.
  11. Noodley

    Noodley Guest

    Nope, netbook perched on the arm of the sofa
  12. Globalti

    Globalti Legendary Member

    On the sofa with the fire lit, wondering if my sore knee will stand up to a family walk then a ride tomorrow.
  13. Bay Runner

    Bay Runner Senior Member

    In work, only another 10 hours till home time
  14. hackbike 666

    hackbike 666 Guest

    Next cycle commute in 8 hours.;)
  15. OP

    longers Veteran

    Three fires? If I didn't have curtains drying on the line I'd have been tempted to burn stuff too.

    Rock n roll eh? ;)
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