White Lives Matter Burnley

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The club quite clearly stated they are disgusted and it undermines everything they are trying to do as a group.

It was a pathetic attempt to undermine a legitimate protest.


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You can't tell the difference?
No ... because all lives matter.


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And i'm sure using murders in America to justify protest is equally disgusting ....
No difference in your mind between being murdered by the police, in that case a policeman who had an open to view record of racism.

Which in turn is part of a repeated pattern of evidenced police brutality against black people in that country.

Of which we have a 'slightly lesser ' but also evidenced form in this country.

And being murdered by -
A murderer whose motives are as yet unclear.

This isn't just about voicing an opinion. The White/All Lives Matter is a counter-protest to Black Lives Matter.
So effectively anti-anti racist -
so just admit 'racist' why not?

Like anti-antifa -

So just admit' facist' why not?

Edit for clarity 'antifa: here references the non violent direct antifacist movement.

There is a small subsection of 'antifa' that considers force is needed to overcome violent white supremacists.
I don't condone violence in any form, excepting that used for immediate self defence.

I'm not in those antifa situations, so am not wholly qualified to comment on the validity of their self defence claims.

But as a general rule I believe violence begets more violence.
We need to stop glorifying it in all our cultures, media, and history.

It might help a bit.
Glorify the peace builders instead
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