Why do politicians do it?


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When there were floods not long ago, Boris was hammered for not going up to visit and help out in the way that PMs love to do in such situations. His excuse was he would just create a media circus that would get in the way of the experts doing their thing, but he got hammered anyway.

He went to a mass vaccination centre recently, and was hammered for taking along an appropriately socially distanced, small and PPE'd crew with him, and they said he was in the way with his media circus and should not have gone along but rather left the experts to it.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't!
I agree. It's all just childish point-scoring. Name-calling, poo-flinging .. etc.

Talking of animals that throw poo, this is rather excellent (even though I disapprove of such childish point-scoring):
View: https://twitter.com/bthroughparty/status/1363067190891675650


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Why does it bother people so much though?
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