Woman Cyclist Killed...

...another death this morning, this time on the A41 - junction of Spur Road in the Stanmore/Barnet area.

Be careful. There is enough incidental crap all over the roads to make a simple commute hazardous these days. Don't risk your life. ;)


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http://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/news/8119543.Cyclist_injured_in_serious_accident_in_Stanmore/ No reports of a fataliaty in that.
Fingers crossed it isn't But RIP if it is.
Should have rolled into the left to clear the road, bloody selfish cyclists

Don't the council come and scoop cyclists up like they do with dogs if someone reports it? ;)


Both look more like a traffic reports than anything else, I guess the journalists didn't have many facts and needed to pad it with something!


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MOTORISTS are facing delays in Stanmore

The motorists in capitals, all they care about is the fact motons are going to be delayed. This makes me angry, hope she isn't dead.
redjedi said:

Very sad news but same rubbish reporting

Is the traffic situation really that important after someone has lost their life :sad:

That's where the news value of the story is, to be honest. You see the same with motor vehicle incidents on motorways, it's nothing to do with cyclists being involved. Simply a way of warning people to avoid the area so they don't add to the problems.
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