Would you report someone to the Police for breaking Covid rules............


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Be more specific... Rules...which ones... or laws on the statute books...
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rather extraordinary response to fair simple questions.
I prescribe another pint of mild.
A pint of strong might be better.


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This really isn't a black and white matter. Would I report an old lady over the road who's had her only friend around in Tier 3 restrictions? No, I wouldn't bother. Would I report someone for having big party with 30 guests in the middle of a lockdown? Damn right I would. Then there are many nuanced shades in between those two, where the answer may be yes, no, or "it depends".


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Taking a practical approach. The Police won’t thank you for reporting minor breaches, but they would want to know about a huge party in warehouse.

The black and white nature of the question is stupid. Would you report someone speeding at 75mph? Would you report someone speeding at 150mph? Both are illegal but even the police will let you off at 75mph.
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