wow now that extreme cycling

twentysix by twentyfive

Clinging on tightly
Over the Hill
Bonkers :tongue:


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never seen that one before that looks mad, it amazing that he didn't kill himself with the bike braking into two.


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Mad Doug Biker said:
Pah!, I do that when I go to the local shops all the time!!
Cool................. :blush:

Me and a mate did some quick descending on tarmac...only like 50-55 MPH but in Lanzarote coming off Fire Mountain..... overtaking cars, but the thought of coming off onto the fields of big lava rocks was not good.... gone faster in the UK though with trees to stop you......:laugh:.............. nutters the lot of us..but that madness takes the prize...........:sad:


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I thought the record was held by a young Lauren Jalabert who went down Mont Blanc in the early/mid 1990s on a specially built MTB which had solid wheels with crampon like spikes on instead of tyres. It was in the Science and Technology Museum in Paris for many years. An awesome looking machine.

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I had to laugh at the shot of the first guy covering his brakes...

Leo, 2.5 years old, is sitting beside me sayin "more bicycles". I'll have to get Danny McAskill up, I think.
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