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Hi Everybody.

Wrigley Velo CC is a new, friendly, informal cycling club that has just been established in East Manchester. :hello:

@dan_bo & @I like Skol are part of the driving force behind getting things off the ground and with that in mind we are running an MTB ride this coming Sunday.

Starting at 10am on the canal at Portland Basin in Ashton-under-Lyne. The planned route is approx. 12 miles depending on how much gooning around we do at Clayton Vale MTB trails. Preliminary route plan is HERE. There is car parking available at the Portland Basin visitors centre if you are coming by car.

This ride will not be super fast and there are a few potential junior members attending. This may well be their first club/group ride so anything could happen on the day as we are still getting to grips with running things ourselves :surrender:

Anyone is welcome, please come along and meet us to see if this friendly, inclusive club could be for you.

The weather forecast for Sunday looks fantastic. Cold, dry, crisp and sunny with dry days beforehand so trails shouldn't be too soggy.....

Wrap up warm in case we have any unexpected stops or delays.

Hope to meet some new (and familiar) faces on Sunday, see you there.


I like Skol

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Hi Guys.

I'm running this ride on Sunday with my two sons and a couple of their mates in tow. My youngest lad is 11 yrs old but does well for his age so should have no trouble keeping up with the older kids (14-15yr olds) and old kid (Me). Ride will depart at 10am so please get there in time as we won't want to be waiting around in the cold for ages. Everybody is welcome kids and adults alike but I suggest this ride is not suitable for junior school kids unless they are very capable and used to riding this kind of distance. Having said that, we are aiming at beginners so nobody should be left behind unless they really want to be. We will be stopping regularly to regroup if necessary.

Please make sure your bikes are in a fit state before the ride (tyres pumped up, brakes and gears working correctly, etc). I usually carry a few basic tools with me in case there are any unexpected problems that occur on the day but don't expect me to service your bike by the side of the trail if you have clearly neglected the poor machine for the last couple of years :rolleyes:

Only other thing I should perhaps say. The club recommends, but does not enforce, the wearing of cycle helmets. As this is a mountain bike ride and covers some technical trails I will also suggest this is advisable, especially if you are unfamiliar with the route. Before anyone points it out or raises the issue on the day, I don't wear one :tongue:

Looking forward to this and with the glorious weather forecast it is sure to be a fun and enjoyable morning. We should be back at the start around 12.30-1pm.

I like Skol

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Just got back from a reconnaissance ride as I wanted to check out a few of the transit trails I have planned to get from the Ashton canal across to Clayton Vale and back. I haven't been on some of these before but fortunately they are all as they appear on Google maps and other mapping software so no problems there.

The route is nearly all off-road. The few places where we do use short stretches of highway are kept to a minimum so don't worry if you want to come along but don't like riding on roads, you'll be fine. This is a Mountain Bike ride so some of the trails are a bit technical, especially in Clayton Vale, but there is always an alternative or the simple option of getting off and walking anything you don't fancy trying. There will be no pressure to ride anything you don't want to, the last thing I want is someone to overstretch themselves and get hurt.

Other than that the main thing I noticed today is how slippy everything is. The fallen leaves seem to have coated everything in slime and moss so I would definitely advise running slightly lower tyre pressure and watching you speed on the corners. Wrap up warm and long sleeves/legs are probably a good idea in case there are any body v ground interactions!

Café at Clayton Vale should be open. The sign on the door said 11-3 on Sat & Sun so bring a few quid if you think you might want a hot drink or a bacon roll.

Fingers crossed for a dry day or two now and hope to see a few people on Sunday :smile:

I like Skol

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I must have just missed ya!
Communication is key bra!

What a coincidence!
Doesn't look like you did any of the 'proper' trails, just skirted around the edge and nipped in to do the high level rock garden bit?

How did you find the grip?


How much does it cost to Oldham?

What a coincidence!
Doesn't look like you did any of the 'proper' trails, just skirted around the edge and nipped in to do the high level rock garden bit?

How did you find the grip?
Phone wouldn't stop going off-ran out of time- so just did the jlue and buggered off for a jetwash.

TBH its been that wet this year that most of the dirt between the stines has been washed away- grip isn't great in the wet at the mo. It'll take a while to build back up.

Have fun Sunday!.

I like Skol

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OK, last roll call for this ride!

If anyone fancies a light hearted off-road adventure then please do show up in time for the 10am departure. This will not be a serious ride and there will only be mild ribbing for any falling off/getting off to push/refusing to ride into an abyss incidents. There may or may not be cameras involved :okay:

I like Skol

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Just a quick post before I disappear off to work for the night......

Great ride, great weather. The trails were much drier thanks to a fresh breeze and some sunshine. Small turnout in the end, me, my son and one of his mates.

Sunshine at Portland basin.

A quick breather on the trails at CV

Food break....



All riders had much fun and looking forward to another ride soon :hello:
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