Yesterdays Summary


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1) 2nd day riding back home with a new lad at the site to show him some nice routes, and we were going through some gates. Ive went through them countless times before without incident but yesterday was different...

A blooming twig snapped under my front wheel, and somehow I ended up having a clipless moment :wacko: Doh! :wacko:

Ill put the vid up tonight - was very amusing!

2) Thankfully after departing ways with my cycling buddy, I came across someone who's stupidity suprised me. I was stopped at a junction waiting to turn right, with cars trickling out one by one. The car infront of me had just went so I moved up to the front of the queue, while doing so I checked and there was too much traffic to exit the junction at that time. I stopped, and could hear the driver behind shouting for me to read the highway code. I asked why and he said that I should have been on the left. Baffled, I asked how I would turn right if he was turning left - and that Im not a magician!

You have to laugh dont you! :biggrin:
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