You know who and the wotsit party

As an aside, there is a farm in the Peaks which has a cafe and farm shop attached, and they make lovely coffee with their own raw milk.

It received funding from the EU to develop. I know this due to there being a sign in the corridor near the bogs.
I buy raw (unpasteurised) milk from a farm near me. I used to buy it from a farm on the other side of town when in the UK. Funny thing was the farm was quite near to a waste incinerator. The flue stack was tall enough that on a very bad day it was the residents of Sale and Northenden who received a little of what you don't want.
The soil on the farm had background level dioxins as you would find anywhere in a heavily populated country, soil association was very happy as the farmer, a Mr John Clair spares his land the pesticides and heavy duty fertilisers. Wall End farm at the head of Langdale valley was the only other place I knew of that sold untreated milk from source.


Recovery tent.


Cracking a solo.
See #36. It’s in the Sun so it’s basically a trawl of his social media.
Ta. Likes GOT and craft beer too the man's a monster. Missed the speech impediment though, where did that come from?


Silencing his legs regularly
The thing about tyrants, bigots, autocrats, and dogmatics of all persuasions.... They don't like any kind of proper debate- reasoned arguments are like word salad to their brains. They don't like opposition of any kind, hence their need to demean it in base terms. Double standards are their standard. They're all for law and order, except when it protects their opponents. But there's only one thing they really, really hate. Being the butt of the joke. Mr Cox and others are more than entitled to their opinion, but I for one am firmly in favour of any and all efforts to make Farage, Mogg et al look utterly stupid. OK, even more stupid....


Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.
Leading coffee houses have instructed staff to ask.Drinking in ,drinking out or throwing.and i don't care who you are or what your beliefs are.In this country you should be able to go about your business without fear of this sheet happening.
It's not a case of beliefs. Of course you should be able to go about your business, that's the whole point of the protests. With the possible exception of Farage, who just about manages to stay the right side of legitimate, at least in some ways, these are not just politicians out on the campaign trail. The 'business' of Robinson / Yaxley-Lennon, Benjamin, Goddard, is interfering in the 'business' of others through threats, thuggery, violence and intimidation. They are misogynistic racist bullies and people are taking action to show they won't stand for it and to show solidarity with the people that are being bullied.
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