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Hotel Recommendations

Discussion in 'Touring and Expedition' started by Cathryn, 20 Sep 2008.

  1. Cathryn

    Cathryn California Correspondant

    It occured to me that we all do a lot of travelling - either on bikes or off 'em - and between us, we should know some very good hotels. Therefore I'm starting a Hotel Recommendation thread and the lovely Admin is going to make it a sticky!

    Know any good hotels??
  2. Cathryn

    Cathryn California Correspondant

    I'll start!

    For all you Mt Ventouxers....if you stay in Sault, do stay at the Hotel Le Louvre. It's on the main square and is very pretty. Lovely owners, spotlessly clean and we had a great room. We ate there as well...fantastic food and our table decoration was a goldfish in a bowl which cheered us up! I think it cost about £50 per person including dinner and a nice bottle of wine!

    Any Paris recommendations as I'm off there in November.
  3. Percy

    Percy Well-Known Member

    If you happen to be cycling North of Sofia (Bulgaria) in the (wonderful) Iskar valley, it's worth the push on to Vraca (sometimes called Vratsa), if only for the Hotel Hemus. I think it's listed as 3*, which in Bulgaria normally means you would be sharing your room with all sorts of beasties, but the Hotel Hemus is closer to 5* English standards - I had a king sized bed, lounge area, view over the town and the mountains I'd just cycled through and huge bathroom - all spotless and recently refurbished - for around 15-20 GBP per night. After 80 miles and 5 punctures that day the place was like heaven to me! So good I stayed two nights ;o)
  4. PaulB

    PaulB Veteran

    Anyone travelling in the Italian Dolomites can do a lot worse than stay at the glorious Sport Hotel in Arraba. It's a bit luxurious but worth every penny. I'd especially recommend this for anyone doing the Maratona next year.
  5. Cathryn

    Cathryn California Correspondant

    Just spent a few nights at a B&B in Rome and would very much recommend it.

    www.laterano. it

    Cost us 140 euros per night for a double room. Located on a main road about 10 mins walk from the Colosseum but well sound proofed so we slept well. Very handsome owner (!) who was v friendly. Breakfast at the bar on the corner. Very much recommended.

    Next time, we'll stay at the Albergo Abruzzi on Piazza del Pantheon but I have no idea what it's like...the location is phenomenal though.
  6. inaperfectworld

    inaperfectworld New Member

    touring hotel in grenoble were more than welcoming when i asked to leave a hard case there for a week and they were happy for me to take the bike up to my room. not luxury but helpful and friendly staff.
  7. mrfacetious

    mrfacetious Well-Known Member

    Sagres on the Algarve (Portugal) - Hotel Memmo Baleeira is the best i've stayed in so far. Verrrryyy windy in Sagres however.
  8. Here are all the places we stayed in on our recent LEJOG
    Lands End YHA - very good. Generous breakfast!
    Bodmin - Roscrea, 18 St Nicholas Street. Very welcoming and excellent standard
    North Tawton - Nichols Nymet House. Extremely weird. Avoid
    Street YHA - Absolutely horrible. Avoid
    Cirencester, The Old Brewhouse - double booked us. Sent us across the road to another place which was pretty good.
    East Haddon Lodge, East Haddon - Run by a batty old posh woman. Meagre breakfasts, amazing setting. Don't let her wash your clothes, she'll ruin them. My assos shorts were never the same again
    The Old Bakery, Lincoln - absolutely brilliant place, fantastic breakfasts, coffee to die for, owners are cyclists (and lovers of folk music)
    York YHA - OK ish. Full of youths. Good facilities - bike store and laundry. Also has a bar on site.
    West Auckland, The Otter Hotel - Friendly, helpful, good food. Bit dated but OK.
    Stannersburn, The Pheasant Inn - Lovely lovely lovely. Very cosy
    Eskbank, The Guesthouse at Eskbank - very comfortable, but breakfast only at 8.45 and communal. It was too late for us.
    Perth, The Pitcullen Guest House - lovely proprietors and great breakfast.
    Kingussie, Allt Gynack Guest House - fantastic, warm, welcoming, and a bath!
    Alness, Westmore B&B - Alness is a dump; weird accommodation too.
    Lybster, Croft House - run by a lovely older couple, very welcoming.
  9. aqaleigh

    aqaleigh New Member

    ascot berkshire
    At the risk of stating the obvious TRAVELODGE although not very plush offer rooms in most of the U.K. for £19 if you book early
    I've just returned from a short tour using Travelodge and they were great - family room - bath - shower - tv - coffee - tea and secure bike storage for £9.50 each per night
  10. Flying_Monkey

    Flying_Monkey King of All Wild Things

  11. Yarp!
    Actually there are a few others:
    Carbisdale Castle YHA, Lairg.
    Lazy Crofter bunkhouse, Durness.
    Tongue YHA, Sutherland
    Cregan Cottage B&B, Reiff, Assynt.
    The Gatliff Trust Hostels on the outer hebrides
    Brae Lea B&B Lochboisdale, South Uist
    Oban YHA
    Red House B&B Lochmaddy, North Uist

    After this weekend I'll have a few more recommendations from the borders region. I'll try and note down all of the other places I've stayed in the last year or so.
  12. Merval

    Merval New Member

    Crieff area
    Have "warm showers" been mentioned? It is a hospitality organisation for cyclists see: www.warmshowers.org.
    This is for the folk who don't want to part with their money but prefer to meet like-minded people either as hosts or travellers. It's world wide.
  13. So here are some more recommendations:

    The County, Hexham; Hare and Hounds, Bonchester Bridge; Golf View B&B, Tain; Dunroamin Hotel, Bonar Bridge; Tigh Lios B&B, Lochinver; Rhiconich Hotel, Rhiconich; Overscaig Hotel, near Lairg...
  14. HJ

    HJ Cycling in Scotland

    Auld Reekie

    A wee bit further south, after last weekend I would like to recommend Haymount House B&B in Coldstream, very cycle friendly...
  15. inaperfectworld

    inaperfectworld New Member

    hotel bernard at st jean de maurienne for madeleine iseran galibier etc. comfy and cost abut 65 euros bed, breakfast and evening meal with aperitif, glass of wine and coffee.
    also in france worth looking for chambre d'hote/b&b. not particularly cheap (some are some much the same as hotels, some relly pricey but they are luxury rooms in chateaux etc.) but comfortable and welcoming and meals are hearty fare with wine etc. included. make sure they do table d'hote or you'll be pedalling off in the evening to find a restaurant. i've found the "gite de france" most useful for finding these
  16. paulgoodman

    paulgoodman New Member

    "North Tawton - Nichols Nymet House. Extremely weird. Avoid"

    Original post by Kirstie November 08.

    As the owner of Nichols Nymet House and host to quite a few cyclists I would be interested to know why Kirstie thought our accommodation extremely weird???

    All I can remember of Kirstie and partner is that we dried quite a lot of their gear as it was a soaking wet day. I think I also found an undercover safe place for the bikes overnight.

    I also remember me thinking it was a bit weird that they were doing the Lands End to John O Groats in stages - going home to the Midlands in between stages!!

    I would like it known that we are close to the old A30 route and look forward to welcoming any cyclists, we have large en-suite rooms with baths and showers, are flexible about breakfast times, we also offer clothes drying and undercover storage for bikes.

    Paul Goodman
    Nichols Nymet House (devonbedanbreakfast.co.uk)
  17. A couple of things first:
    We didn't do the ride in stages, going home to the midlands in between stages. We did the whole ride in 14 days, and we happened to be passing through the midlands (what with it being a LEJOG and all), which is where we both live. We didn't visit our homes on the way through though. Having noted this particular content of your post, it's comforting to know that you form judgemental opinions of your guests and then post them on the internet.

    Donna, who I travelled with, is my friend and is not my partner.

    Regarding my opinion about your B&B - well I stand by it. I've stayed in a lot of B&Bs all over the country. There are a number of problems in general but also for the touring cyclist in particular.

    First, your place is so isolated that it cost us 20 quid each way in a taxi to get an evening meal at the nearest pub. You don't offer evening meals yourself (we asked and the answer was no), which means that this is a very bad option for cyclists! We need to eat, and after a long day in the saddle we don't want to go out on our bikes again looking for food in the dark and in a place we don't know.

    Second, we felt it just wasn't homely, which is what you expect from a B&B. Its size does not preclude this. It also had a 'half finished' feel about it - nothing matched, and the quality of the finish wasn't very good, particularly in the bathroom. We got a lot more for our money on pretty much every dimension possible in the others we stayed in which were in the same price range. They are listed on this site and so you can check them out for yourself.

    Finally, we couldn't quite understand your business proposition, reasons for being in the b&B business or the unique selling point of your property. We thought you'd only just bought it, and were in the process of doing it up - so the state of it was excusable. But when we heard you'd been in the property for several years we really didn't get it. Actually it was this last fact which finally formed our opinion. Also the run down caravan site next door doesn't do it any favours either.

    Best of luck with it - you could do with looking at some of the competition though. Your B&B is not a good option for the touring cyclist. We felt depressed when we left.
  18. paulgoodman

    paulgoodman New Member

    Thanks Kirstie for your points,

    I'm sorry if I got some points about you and your ride wrong. I meant your friend was your cycling partner and nothing else.

    Some comments need to be made though; the first being we do not do evening meals and make every effort to tell cyclists this before they arrive. The nearest place for food is about a mile away, and previous riders have eaten en-route and than stayed in.

    I cannot quite take in what you say about Room Two as it had been totally re-decorated shortly before you stayed I think certainly in 2008. Not sure what does not match, as it has an Art Deco 1930's Burr Walnut suite of furniture and the Bathroom is large and features a decent bath and shower unit.

    The House is quite large and is constant and costly job to maintain a historic listed building, also update and improve things and in a period of resession this can be harder than usual in a big property. We have been here for 10 years and do not have unlimited resources but are always striving to improve things!

    Most of our guests have enjoyed staying with us (including cyclists) and our visitor book is witness to this. Perhaps others should look at our website and make an open judgement.

    After a long day cycling you probably did not have the time to admire the fantastic views from the bedrooms - open fields, the lakes and Dartmoor in the distance, and the beautiful peace of being well away from any roads.

    The Caravan site behind the house has about 25 privately owned Mobile Homes on it and I do not think it right to call it run down!!

    I think perhaps something other than our B & B has tarnished your impressions of Nichols Nymet House?

    We will do our utmost to give a warm welcome to future cyclists.

    Paul Goodman
    Nichols Nymet House, North Tawton, Devon EX20 2BP
  19. Nope. It was your B&B. We didn't like it and based on our impression I can't recommend it. What more can I say?

    There's plenty more customers out there?
  20. gavintc

    gavintc Veteran

    We had a nice weekend away in Callander recently and stayed at this B&B. It was superb - certainly the best B&B we have stayed at. lovely people, great room, and an excellent breakfast. It was the little touches that really made the stay so perfect.