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L-B-L *spoilers*

Discussion in 'Pro Cycling' started by Noodley, 21 Apr 2013.

  1. T.M.H.N.E.T

    T.M.H.N.E.T Needs to be in Majorca

    Northern Ireland
    He was to an Irish mother which meant he could declare either GBR or IRL as his home country.

    I could have done the same (My licence(both cycling and triathlon) is IRL) but it's pretty irrelevant at amateur level. Once you're in the realm of funding and turning pro, a different federation may be able to cater slightly better for you.

    Gavin Noble and Aileen Reid are good examples (IRL Triathletes) both could have declared GBR as they are from NI, but the chances of funding from British Triathlon were slim given the huge mainland based talent pool.

    *Triathlon like cycling, is a unified body here.
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  2. raindog

    raindog er.....

    Yes, I knew his mam was Irish and part of the Roche family.
    Anyroad, a fantastic win. I imagine Kelly was really chuffed - he sounded it. :smile:
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  3. ColinJ

    ColinJ Over 20,200 posts

    A great race and a great result! :bravo:

    Apart from the final place on the podium, that is ... :thumbsdown:
  4. Monsieur Remings

    Monsieur Remings Über Member

    Yatton UK
    Well you never know Raindog, I've had a few glasses of red tonight! having survived by a matter of inches a nasty crash in my own race this morning, getting back on and finishing in a respectable position in a field of some 50 + riders.
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  5. Flying_Monkey

    Flying_Monkey King of All Wild Things

    The French commentators were calling him "Dean Martin" at one point they were so excited - well, I guess he is a big star now.

    And superbly set up by Hesjedal - looked very strong and practically controlled the last by 10km himself. Sky, in contrast, left Henao on his own and the finish wasn't steep enough for him to do well without some support. So much for the '5 options' Porte was going on about. Both Purito and Betancur looked good again though and Valverde. Going to be a great Giro!
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  6. raindog

    raindog er.....

    yup :smile:
  7. deptfordmarmoset

    deptfordmarmoset Weathervane

    Upper Gumtree
    Does this mean that Noble and Reid simply chose to compete for IRL? I'd wondered about Martyn Irvine, NI, when he took gold and silver at the World Tracks riding for IRL.
  8. T.M.H.N.E.T

    T.M.H.N.E.T Needs to be in Majorca

    Northern Ireland
    Yep. The same choice I had
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  9. Strathlubnaig

    Strathlubnaig Über Member

    and in other news, Schleck comes in ahead of Contador at LBL.
  10. Spartak

    Spartak Powered by M&M's

    Just watched the highlights programme on ITV4

    What a great race / win for Dan Martin :thumbsup:
  11. raindog

    raindog er.....

    Dan now has his own special thread in The Clinic with irony and sarcasm and Really Clever Remarks
  12. Herzog

    Herzog Swinglish Mountain Goat

    Bern, Switzerland
    The joys of The Clinic! Great ride, he's been showing great progession over the last couple of seasons, and a nice bloke too!
  13. irish on the costa blanca

    irish on the costa blanca can't buy happiness, buy a bike thats pretty close

    as I'm in England at the moment, can't get to watch the cycling so just got to watch it on the itv player, WHAT! a race and another great day for the Irish, brilliant, ^_^

    on the issue of representation, only those born in Northern Ireland, irrespective of religion can represent either Ireland or GB but those born in the Republic of Ireland can only represent Ireland...

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  14. thom

    thom ____

    The Borough
    1) They'd be representing the UK, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, not GB per se. But it is true that as with the Olympics, Team GB is the accepted shorthand.
    2) Obviously representation based upon ancestry gives more rights than birthplace alone.
  15. Hont

    Hont Über Member

    Fantastic win and a great race for the last 20k or so (thanks mainly to Hesjedal), although I probably would not be writing that if Valverde had won. First one day classic in ages (probably since Evans' win in Fleche) where I've really been cheering on the eventual (clean) winner.

    On the nationality front, Dan Martin is as much Irish as Chris Froome is British IMHO, so if I dismiss Froome's achievements with "he's not really British" then I can celebrate Dan's with "he's a Brummie really". ;)
  16. 400bhp

    400bhp Guru

    Great stuff.

    Don't often see purito getting turned over on the steep stuff.

    Garmin are looking good this year:thumbsup:

    Might have to get myself to go and watch the Giro TT stage now :becool:
  17. 400bhp

    400bhp Guru

    I enjoyed watching Hedjesdal go "aero" too. I thought he was going to disappear within the frame at one point.^_^
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  18. irish on the costa blanca

    irish on the costa blanca can't buy happiness, buy a bike thats pretty close

    as the Duke of Wellington once said "Just because one is born in a barn does not make one a horse." for those that don't know he was born in Ireland although this saying was taken out of context of it's true meaning ...

    my 3 children were all born in England their mother is English but they see themselves as Irish - English, and don't see any contradiction in this..they would be proud to represent either country but I'd prefer them to represent Ireland ^_^
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  19. tigger

    tigger Über Member

    What about Spain? ^_^
  20. irish on the costa blanca

    irish on the costa blanca can't buy happiness, buy a bike thats pretty close

    my son is 7 and has been in Spain since he was 6 weeks old neither he or the Spanish see him anything other than a foreigner ....
    children born in Spain to foreign parents are required to take the nationality of its parents...
    but this would all change if my children were to be any benefit to Spain, then I'm sure Spanish nationality wouldn't be a problem ;)