2019 Goats League - Climb 11 - Passo Sella From Selva

Discussion in 'BRVR - Goats League Discussions' started by Aleman, 11 Feb 2019 at 11:33.

  1. Aleman

    Aleman Ale Man (BKool)

    Blackpool UK
    Ride opens for attempts at midnight 11th March 2019, and closes on Midnight on the 5th May 2019, ride must be completed within that window for it to count otherwise you get the time of the slowest rider plus 5%.

    Quick trip back to the snows of the Italian alps for pasta, and hot buttered rum ... Mmmmmmm ... Oh, and this little beauty, the 14.5Km Passo Sella ... don't fall into thinking that it's easy as it's only 625m of ascent, as that ascent happens in the first 8Km of the ride. A ride of three halves this one ;)

    Eeee, it were a grand ride back though!!


    Post your times in the thread and I'll update the Goats League Spreadsheet

    Please include your BRVR User/Display Name to give other riders pacers to chase if they so desire.
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  2. Gattorantolo

    Gattorantolo Silvano Turati on BRVR

    No...in the downhill i loose always time, i don't know why :banghead:
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