2021 Racing!!!!

Lets hope nothing interferes with the racing next year. :okay:


As long as I breathe, I attack.
We will see , of course we all want racing and normality to return asap but not at the expense of the health and welfare of all concerned.
I must admit as exciting as this years racing has been i was getign a bit of burnout from such a condensed calender and by the end of the vuelta i was just looking at results or that could be down to family whinging about more cycling i had recorded :smile:


West Yorks
I have a horrible feeling that the Tour de Yorkshire will not come back, it was good while it lasted, I really hope I’m very wrong


Given it's come near me I've never actually seen any of it. Each time the Tour de Yorkshire has clashed with my son's racing and we've been away for a multi-day event.
forgive me, but I find this astounding. Youth engagement to promote ambition should give them a chance to watch professional racing in person. There have been 2 big races in the UK as well as the Tour series. I would have expected youth/age group events to not clash with TdY or ToB.
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