Axiom Odyssee Front Racks


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Posted this in the touring section originally but afterwards thought it might be better suited in here...

Hi all,

I'm looking at buying a lowrider front rack for my bike but have to go for one that is compatible with front suspension as I haven't got the time or knowledge to mess around changing my front forks. I've seen this rack;

but the only pictures of it fitted I can find are on disc brake bikes whereas mine has v brakes. Does anyone know if this will fit with v brakes as I'm not very knowledgeable on these things and what the difference size wise is between v and disc brake setups. I've tried looking at Axiom's website but there description is a bit vague.
My other option is an OMM rack but I'd rather not spend too much money as I'm planning to buy a proper rigid tourer after the summer, at which time I'll probably buy something longer lasting like Tubus racks.

Thanks in advance,

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